Also known as Flutter.

I live to explore many things and hope that my work inspires you to deeply experience the mysteries of life.


Music, video, and performance release my fluttering spirit while my paintings and installations seek to ground it. Whether through a steady beat, repetitive movement, or purposeful brush stroke, meditating on the now is my process. I’m interested in the difficulty of stillness amongst noise.

For years I’ve performed as “Flutter” on stage. In today's online culture, everyone delivers their best performance now on social platforms. Our digital connections are imperfect as we struggle to listen and be heard. As we carefully curate our lives amongst a noisy landscape, I question reality.

My goal is to see beyond distraction and encourage others to look more carefully at themselves and the world around them. Have we lost a connection to ourselves, to others, or are we emerging? As I continue on this journey, I strive to develop a better awareness of my humanity.