30 Glances


"30 Glances" is a series of 30 painting meditations carried out in January 2017. Each day I painted a 6"x6" canvas with the image of a woman musician, mainly vocalists. After completing the paintings, I conducted a live stream meditation. The purpose was to explore sex, gender, and celebrity culture in an intentional way. It interests me how we are judged by the way we perform masculine or feminine, and what is gained or lost from these representations. As a woman musician, I've always been concerned with the message I send on stage. Now that we all can occupy a sort of online stage, many of us carefully craft how we appear in the digital realm. From the vast sea of online images, these interpretive glances were chosen to pose the question, Who is this for?


Below is a video art piece conducted in my studio to present "30 Glances."


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