Who is this for?


After watching a documentary about women in K-Pop I was inspired to ask myself the question Who is this for? Painting women musicians and performers (famous and not-so-famous) helps me deeply explore this question as well as how I relate to them, whether artist to artist or fan to artist.

Our cultural landscape is cluttered with imagery that we've learned to digest in small pieces or simply ignore. Too often we make quick assessments from these fleeting observations, seeing the product rather than the humanity of an artist. Sometimes these instant representations reinforce gender stereotypes and roles and other times they challenge them. What ideas are we internalizing from these presentations?

What I bring to each painting is what I'm seeing in brief and long moments. First something catches my eye and then I take my time to be with it. Working in acrylic forces me to work fast yet I make a point to stay present with the subject matter. When we do take a moment to observe, why? I’m interested in the pause. Each image expresses a different detail that is seen or unseen, heard or silenced.


Available works from Who is this for? can be purchased at my gallery shop.

(Each painting is one-of-a-kind and never made into a print or coffee mug.)

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