Uptown Racine Mural


Mural art is very inspiring to me. I love how it can enliven ignored spaces. It was an honor to get the opportunity to paint this mural in Uptown Racine over Labor Day weekend 2019. After talking with Kristina at The Branch, which is just steps from the mural location, I embarked on a quick deadline. We both were anxious to brighten up the neighborhood. Luckily I have an awesome art partner who helped prime the wall and execute it with my direction. He left all the line work to me since that’s my favorite thing to do.

Adam Rogan from The Journal Times in Racine did a great job telling the story about #ArtForUptown here. (9/5/2019)

“I’ve always wanted to communicate big ideas with people, and art was the way to do it … We want to communicate through art, with a sense of urgency. Life is short. Now is all you have. We want people to be proud of where they live.”

-Christine Ingaldson

original “Trumpet” sketch

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